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Skimetric is committed to creating technologically advanced products to transform the relationship between the equipment and the skier so that you can ski better, for longer and pain free.

We passionately believe that we can improve any skiers performance and that no skier should have any discomfort while skiing. Over the last ten years we have honed and refined our process and our technology and in that time over five hundred Skimetric clients (Graduates) have enjoyed amazing results.

Our passion and commitment is to help good skiers to become great and great skiers to become world class. Over five hundred students have graduated through the Skimetric process and all have seen a radical difference in their skiing ability and their skiing experience. For some they have enjoyed ‘pain-free’ skiing for the first time in their lives, for others there has been a significant improvement in posture, alignment, balance and coordination allowing them to ski all day whilst suffering significantly less fatigue. Others have seen a significant improvement in their overall skiing ability.

A key element to these incredible transformations has been the continued research and development into the Skimetric product range that has helped transform skier’s lives.

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These products have been designed, built and tested to meet our most stringent goal. That is, to create a better range of products than anything else available on the market right now. Each and every product has taken months and months, even years to develop and we are proud to offer them to you, exclusively via or via our Skimetric Workstations in Zuers/Arlberg, Austria or Falls Creek, Australia.

Our Definition of Function Integration:

When a movement is performed appropriately, all of the muscular effort is directed towards the outcome of that movement.

Great gift ideas from Skimetric

With a Birthday or Christmas around the corner why not spoil one of your skiing friends or family members with the same high quality skimetric socks you are using yourself.

It is a timeless and very useful gift which is easy to organise and quick to send. Please email with your requirement, the price is Euro 55 50 a pair and with 5 pairs or more the postage worldwide is free. Sizes S, M, L, XL. We will send a proforma invoice for your confirmation and payment option.

S = 33-37  –  M = 38-41  –  L = 42-45  –  XL= 46-50

The State of the Art Skimetric Socks

After two years of development we are delighted to release to the general public a significant leap forward in ski sock design that will give you more comfort, contribute to less muscle fatigue and the best possible a much better fit for your specific ski boot.

The sock is made of 60% superfine Merino wool sourced from the finest Australian and other specialised farms. To compliment the precise Skimetric custom boot fit the sock is designed without seems to avoid any uncomfortable pressure points building whilst you ski, or creating pain in the shins or toes that can hamper your skiing performance. There are three levels of wool thickness and a specially designed blood circulation activation area behind the metatarsal heads; this has been inserted into the base of the sock to ensure continued comfort and warmth for the user.

This is also the reflexology trigger point for the body’s autonomic nerve centre. (further information is provided during the Skimetric program) Bert (and his customers’) personal experience is that in combination with the Skimetric foot bed, not only does the sock feel great it also increases sensitivity towards skiers balance on their skis.

To find out more, or to order your socks from the exclusive Skimetric range contact:

Or call Austria +43 6608 22 3333 in the Northern Hemisphere winter.
Or call Australia +61 408 22 3333 in the Southern Hemisphere winter.

The Revolutionary Skimetric Compression Underwear

Every Skimetric product is developed with one simple goal in mind. To make the sport of skiing more comfortable, more enjoyable and to significantly improve the performance for the individual skier.

The Skimetric Compression Underwear is made of 67% Australian micro fine Merino wool, 25% Lycra and 8% Carbon. It reduces lactic acid build up in the legs and therefore contributes to a reduction in discomfort, fatigue and pain for the skier. Not only that, because the material used in constructing this cutting edge garment is merino wool, it keeps you warm on those cold skiing days, whilst also absorbing moisture for those days when you are pushing yourself and your body harder. The Sheep, material, design and manufacture is 100% Australian.

The Microfine Merino wool, Lycra and carbon combination also offers warmth and moister management for complete comfort. The leg shape is cut to follow the natural anatomical shape without a seam behind the knee in order to achieve comfort and perfect fit. The seams on the lower leg have been reduced to one position in the back of the leg, in order to avoid any pressure-points in the sensitiveshin area. The back of the waist is cut higher in order to offer warmth, support and comfort for the lower back.

Carbon is a high performing addition in this garment designed for physical activity. It lowers the concentration of lactic acid, improves blood circulation and is antistatic. Carbon breathes and regulates heat by speeding up the evaporation process of perspiration, slowing down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeping temperature constant. It protects the body from absorbing static energy, electro smog and UV rays while protecting the skin from bacteria and pollutant dusts, thus decreasing the risk of allergies.

The objective of this astonishing garment was clear from the initial concept. We have created a high-tech undergarment for a cold climate that allows you to ski harder and longer but with the additional massive benefit that you can also recover quicker. Thus allowing you to ski fresher the following day.

In addition the garment has an extra layer of perforated material in the seat area to protect the body against cold chairlifts and all seams are strategically positioned for the skier to avoid any pressure points in those critical areas.

The product has only been available for three seasons and clients have loved it for its warmth, flexibility and its remarkable ability to reduce sore leg muscles from lactic acid build up. In fact customers have loved this incredible new product so much that they have bought extra pairs for friends and partners.

To find out more, or to order you pairs e-mail:

Or call Austria +43 6608 22 3333 in the Northern Hemisphere winter.
Or call Australia +61 408 22 3333 in the Southern Hemisphere winter.

Skimetric Black Series – The Finest Hand Built and Custom Fitted Ski’s on The Market

The Skimetric Ski in Action

Video Courtesy of Our Friends at

Thanks to the help and assistance of the Racing Director of one of the most successful Factory Teams, we have now created an extraordinary ski made from advanced materials and technology combined with the highest quality hand-crafted build processes; thus producing one of the best skis the human hand can make at this time.

If you are serious about your ski equipment then your personal Skimetric Black Series should be your ski of choice.

We are not at liberty to release the technical details of the ski, as they are a closely guarded secret but the performance level and edge geometry is custom prepared for each individual with the appropriate powerbase performance number and the name of the owner engraved on the ID plate of the ski.

The ski binding with multi-directional Toe AND Heel release is the most technically advanced available on the market today and is held to the ski rail by one screw. Your balance point on the ski is not determined by a generic mark but by a series of complex individual measurements and data points taken by Bert himself. Combined they create the dynamic centre allowing even distribution of loads on the skis. A critical component in the overall performance.

In short to be fitted for these incredible ski’s is like being fitted to sit in a Formula One racing car.

WARNING: These astonishing skis are NOT available to the general public. The skis have to be fitted to your unique physiology and are designed to work in perfect equilibrium with your boots, binding and body. The only way to receive these custom built skis is to contact Adalbert on and book a personal session with him. It will be the most extraordinary experience (in terms of refining the harmony of your physiology and your equipment to improve your skiing) of your skiing life so far.

To find out more e-mail:

The Ground-Breaking Skimetric Boot Bag with Boot Dryer

Available exclusively through this website, or via Skimetric’s bases in Zuers/Arlberg, Austria or Falls Creek, Australia we are delighted to announce the all new Skimetric boot bag is now available. This new cutting-edge design is unlike any other bag on the market.

Boot-Bag-For-Ski-Boots-Skimetric Skimetric-Boot-Bag-Review Boot-Bag-Skimetric

Skimetric double boot bag with boot dryer is light weight, fully padded, ventilated and comes with internal and external pockets.

Features include:

– Efficient Boot drying capacity without melting the foot bed
– 220 and 110 volt compatible operation, European and Australian plug
– Extra internal bag to pack and protect Helmet, Goggles, Gloves, socks etc.
– Or pack and separate second pair of boots
– Two additional side pockets for accessories or travel documents
– Detachable shoulder strap
– Hidden rucksack / backpack straps – Neatly hidden rucksack / backpack straps can be unzipped at the back of the boot bag, which turn your boot bag into temporary rucksack / backpack so you can carry your boot bag on your back. As seen in the middle photo.

To find out more, or to order e-mail:

Or call Austria +43 6608 22 3333 in the Northern Hemisphere winter.
Or call Australia +61 408 22 3333 in the Southern Hemisphere winter.

Caring For Your Skimetric Boots

Thank you for your cooperation and patience fitting your new Skimetric boots built for you.

I am glad you are keen to do the exercises we practised together. Please keep me informed how are you getting on.

Always wear your Skimetric socks when putting on your boots. The socks are specially made to compliment your Skimetric fit and comfort and control condensation in your boots every day you ski. Please read the product info on the socks packaging for best results.

To put your Skimetric boots on, open your boots with the tongue pushing about 45 degrees to the outside (where the buckles are) and enter the foot in, in a similar angle. It will make it easier to get into the boots and to get out. When you get out, first open all the buckles and the power strap, then press the forefoot downwards as hard as possible, which will open the shell, push the tongue outwards again, following with the foot out at the same angle.

Please ensure your boots are always warm and dry. Room temperature 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Cold or wet boots equal cold feet and are hard to get into.

Never put your boots on or very close to any source of heat. Commercial boot dryers/heaters are mostly an unknown source of heat using night power, which can be too hot for your boots melting your footbeds and possibly /shrinking your boots.

The safe solution is the Skimetric boot bag with boot dryer. Perfect for anywhere you travel 120 and 110 adjustable power as well as taking your boots as hand luggage, to ensure your boots cannot get lost without you. Plus, your boots will be safe in your room rather than in a communal boot room.

When your boots are not being used or stored in the off season, leave the buckles open. Your boots can breathe. Closed buckles on an empty boot can lower and deform the instep and make it more difficult to get into it.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in regards to your Skimetric equipment and how you are getting on with the Skimetric balance and coordination exercises.

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New Release: The Round Do It Balance Ball

Skimetric – A Round do it – Balance Ball as used by the leading national ski teams. The name comes from the fact that it is round and you have to do it in order to get the enormous benefit in balance, strength and coordination

More information to follow soon.

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