Real Stories: Skimetric and Its Customers

You are in good company

We wanted to share with you the stories of actual customers who have enjoyed the Skimetric process. These are real people, skiers of different skills and abilities, from Olympians to enthusiastic amateurs; all of whom have experienced extraordinary results.
Skimetric is proud to say that over 500 skiers have graduated through the process with a 99.7% success and satisfaction rate. Here are just a handful of their stories.

70 hours a week on skis

Dear Bert, After 33 seasons of ski patrolling in Thredbo, Australia, and 15 seasons overseas, I have never been more comfortable with my new boots thanks to your system and your diligent approach to boot fitting and body alignment.

The power and precision I have now with effortless edging is unbelievable and I am using considerably less energy each day.

Just walking in these boots is a pleasure as my legs and lower body are aligned better now than any time before having had many sets of orthopedic many made by good podiatrists.

I look forward to putting my boots on every day as it relieves any meniscus and back pain that I have when not supported and aligned correctly.

Your skiing tips and follow up after the boots are completed is second to none with most of us needing to refine our techniques and retrain our body and muscles to adapt to a new alignment and body position and the subsequent reduced effort and technique to turn and edge.

I am in my boots up to 10 hours a day, and ski every day of each season , and now being over 50 years old I have had concerns with my body being able to carry me into future seasons, which was a principal factor for my decision to try the Skimetric Program.

The Skimetric Program really does take some pressure off my joints, meniscus, and cartilage which I heard can result after the re-alignment and can relieve pain and wear and tear from ankle, knee, and hip joints. I have been amazed at the result and I currently have no pain in those joints whilst in my ski boots, and am using considerably less muscle and effort to ski.

I no longer feel muscle fatigue; leg burn; or stiffness during and after a big day on skis: and it really does feel like I am using new joint surfaces that have not been used before due to previous poor body alignment and joint collapse during edging and general skiing.

I thoroughly recommend the Skimetric Program to all skiers, including top end racers, or those with poor body alignment, and physical abnormalities who will all gain unbelievable comfort, control, power, and precision as a result of your thorough and diligent service and development which I  now fully endorse. I have really enjoyed the process, reeducation, and the time we spent along the way and sincerely thank you for your incredible service and product which I will happily recommend to anyone who is interested.

Thanks Again. Kind Regards Dave.
David Kuhn Ski Patrol Manager Thredbo, Australia

13 year old Australian Gymnast and Ballerina completes Skimetric program in September 2013 and wins biggest ski race in her life the next day

One of the Skimetric clients this season in Mt.Hotham was a 13 year young lady who is a gifted Gymnast and Ballerina who also is a keen skier. At 161 cm tall and 45 kg she is very flexible and has excellent body control. Her family in particular mum being a medical Doctor was concerned about how the ski boots fitted as substantial Bone spurs particularly on the heels have appeared.

The skimetric program required a new boot in the correct size with a skimetric custom foot bed. The final analyses and on snow test showed a well-balanced neutral stance with good control and no foot pain. Due to the delay in getting the correct boot the young lady’s biggest race ever the Australian Interschool Championships started in Mt.Buller the next day and she was determined to use the new boot. The result was that she won the GS by 2.4 seconds and also beat all the men in the same age group except one.

It is always the racer who is in control of the result but this also highlights the difference between the boot fit she had and the skimetric neutral stance which has given the athlete the opportunity to use all her natural balance and outstanding body control on skis.I see also a strong correlation between this example and the several other skiers we worked with who had similar challenges and improved significantly their balance and control.

The Australian Interschool Championships are the largest ski event in this Country (over 2000 Competitors in total) with fierce competition between Schools and Parents alike.

CMH Heli-skiing Head Guide Roko Koell in full flight and on top again

Skimetric And Roko Koell

Hallo Bert,

I want to send you my gratitude and thanks for what you did for me with my boots.  I have competitively ski raced until injuries ended my racing career, then became a ski-instructor, an internationally certified UIAGM Mountain and Ski guide and   Alpine Ski-coach.  I worked as a coach with the Austrian National Ski-team before I came to Canada to learn English, which was not at a level to travel the world with the World Cup Ski Circus.

I was hired by CMH Heli-Skiing in 1989 as a Mountain and Ski Guide, and the powder snow was so good that I am “still learning English” now 27 years later.  There where years when I spend 260 plus days in my ski boots. I had multiple knee surgeries in my racing years and two back surgeries.  Being in ski boots all day long was often very torturous and I learned to live with the pain.  I have fitted boots for ski racers and myself, though would not call me an expert but I did a better job than all the boot fitters I went through until I met up with you.

When Toby Withers the Australian CMH Agent and owner of Travelplan Ski Australia with whom I skied for many years told me I absolutely have to meet you for boot fitting via the Skimetric program.  I did not have much expectation, but through Toby’s insistence I met with you and I honestly thought there we go again, another “world’s best boot-fitter”.  Very soon at our initial consultation I realized your approach is different than any other I have seen.

The equipment that you had specifically engineered in Europe is ingenious, your understanding of kinesiology and biomechanics in relation to skiing, equipment and the forces acting on our body during skiing is “ground breaking” and the fact that you have top notch orthopedic surgeons and spine specialists on your board as consultants interested my highly.

I was fascinated by your vision and after going through the Skimetric process I am truly amazed.  I wanted simply well fitted boots for a proper level of performance but more importantly for comfort. I have size 12 narrow feet with a very high arch and massive nasty painful bone spurs on heel and the outsides of my feet from tight racing boots and stiff high performance boots in the past.

All the years I had chronic back pain, not much when skiing and moving, but after the body cooled down at the end of the day and in the morning after getting up.
My body was rigid and stiff, trying to protect the stressed and inflamed discs in my spine.

There were days when I thought there is absolutely no chance I can ski and guide today, but after a hot shower, some stretching and a light warm up, I made it again through the day just to go through the same again and again. Since I have the boots fitted with your system, it was a huge and totally unexpected surprise that my back pain is almost totally gone.  As you told me, if all the “negative” angles caused by the disposition of our individual body and equipment, the abuse it went through over the years and/or injuries and the bodies reaction to them are compensated by perfect micro-fitting, the body enjoys a neutral, relaxed and balanced position which puts minimal stress on the bone, ligament and muscle structures.

The body is not continuously fighting for a comfortable or low(er) pain position that cuts a ski day short or ends up in sloppy, faulty ski technique and eventually in fatigue or even exhaustion. Thanks to you Bert and your SKIMETRIC technology, my skiing now is again as young and playful as my mind, and not as old and beaten as my body. No more “the mind if willing but the flesh is not” A big thanks to both of you, Toby Withers from TRAVELPLAN SKI AUSTRALIA for introducing you to me, and you for developing and performing the by far most detail oriented, holistic and most outstanding method of boot fitting on the planet.

Roko Koell
Director of Powder Performance
CMH Heli-Skiing
UIAGM Mountain and Ski Guide
Internationally certified Coach Ski Alpine
Level 4 Ski Instructor

Skimetric Graduate Johannes Strolz the son of Slalom Olympic gold medallist Hubert Strolz headed for World cup in 2014

Johannes did the Skimetric program in September 2012 and had his best racing season ever with leading positions in FIS and Europa cup races. Johannes halved his FIS points to below 10 and with the trend continuing will potentially have his first world cup start in the coming winter. We built a very special speed boot this August in New Zealand which is powerful and has a solid 170 flex. Stay tuned to follow the progress of this super athlete and all round nice guy.

Franz Weber Olympian, 6x Speed Skiing World Champion and Current North American Speed Skiing Record Holder

Bert, last weekend and week prior I competed in the American Ski Classic and the World Pro Skiing Foundation Cup – winning the last one in Aspen. Had top racers like Franz Klammer, Phil and Steve Mahre, Ortlieb, Halness, Stianson etc. – love my new set up. Enthusiastically.
Franz Weber
Olympian & 6x World Speed Skiing Champion and Current North American Speed Skiing Record Holder

Franz Weber Skimetric


Worldcup Racers who completed the Skimetric Program include:

Daniel Albrecht Switzerland April 2012 Zuers/Austria
Jono Brauer Australia September 2010 Mt. Hotham/Australia
Marc Gini Switzerland March 2014 Zuers/Austria
Anna Fenninger Austria August 2011 Snowpark/New Zealand
Mauro Caviezel Switzerland April 2014 Zuers/Austria
Carlo Janka Switzerland April 2012 Zuers/Austria
Elizabeth Goergl Austria September 2012 Soelden/Austria
Werner Heel Italy April 2011 Zuers/Austria
Ted Ligety USA August 2011 Coronet Peak/New Zealand
Marcel Mathis Austria May 2011 Zuers/Austria
Aksel Lund Svindal Norway August 2011 Cardrona/New Zealand
Johannes Strolz Austria September 2012 Soelden/Austria

There is also a list of young Skimetric Graduates on their way to the top

Skimetric graduate Christoph Henkel and friends skiing in Canada

Skimetric graduate Christoph Henkel

First Class travel – up the mountain and return

Skimetric graduate Cameron O’Reilly

Hi Bert
Such a pleasure to spend some time with you. Thanks for the commitment, enthusiasm, and encouragement, and your trademark good humor. The Garmonts are working great here in Alaska; maybe I won’t need those diapers after all!
Cameron O’Reilly

Jono Brauer, Olympian Skier

“Bert, it was my pleasure to be a part of your genius and make some turns with you. Thanks again so much for everything you have done for me and my body.”

Christian Christian Stalder, Toko Racing Service and Promotion

Christian Stalder Toko Racing Service and Promotion

Translation of card:

Dear Bert,

I felt the need to thank you once more for your work. The result is unbelievable. It is truly so that a new live as a skier has started. If all people would know how important the boot is as connection between human and ski is… Bert you are a Profi! Your knowhow is unbelievable! Bert all the best for you and Rosemarie!


Christian Christian Stalder, Toko Racing Service and Promotion

Rudi Mathies: (King Rudi), Lifetime Instructor, Ski Icon and Skimetric Graduate

This is a copy of a hand written note from Rudi Mathies who raced with the world’s best including Toni Sailer. As a Ski instructor he is remarkable, he has a dedicated following of celebrities of all ages and one group of businessman love skiing with Rudi so much they booked him for the whole season for over 30 years to have him available to ski with any time when any or all of them come to ski to the Arlberg


Dear Bert

I am very happy that I did get to know you in Zuers. You have helped me a lot with my ski boots and skiing.
As you know I have had operations on both knees. Because of your help to analyse my body you have fitted and aligned my ski boots and leg position. And surprise I could three to four days later ski without knee pain. “Thankyou.”
In the past I could only with “horse ointment or Voltaren” make my pains less. Yes at my age little pains will not disappear completely but I am very thankful to you for the improvement.
As well as you have because of your knowledge and expertise made for many guests the skiing to a pleasure. I have never heard any negative comments.
Many best regards to you and Peter (Zirknitzer) with family, until the next winter in Zuers.

Peter Stone – Ski Tester, Ski Writer and Ski Coach on the Skimetric Boot Program

Hi Bert
Thank you again for your help fitting and aligning my new boots, I was completely blown away by the results and your ongoing commitment to comfortable happy feet with exceptional skiing performance!

For the past 35 years I have been searching for the right ski boot so I can enjoy comfortable feet and hight performance skiing and I have finally got all of that and more than I expected thanks to Bert Leibetseder’s Skimetric one day assessment and ski boot fitting program. I have been ski coaching, boot fitting and aligning my own ski improvement clients and working as a senior writer for Australia’s leading ski magazines for the past 23 years and what you have developed Bert far surpasses anything on the market that I am aware of, that I can deliver and that is currently available. I’ll be sending all of my clients to you from now on.

What blew me away was that I had a pair of high performance COMFORTABLE ski boots that performed outstandingly well in just a few hours of spending time with you. Truly amazing. Then skiing on the hill with the set up you created for me, I have never felt so instantly in control and balanced on snow. I made some of the best turns of my life on my second run! Your program is, in my opinion the best in the world, and I am so thankful to have invested the time in coming to see you as I now have everything I have been searching for in my skiing these past 35 years.

Even if you are a little bit interested, I suggest you contact Bert to find out more and just be aware because Bert can achieve things for you that no one else can my advice is to simply do everything Bert suggests you do with your boots and on the ski hill because Bert is a true master here and the only way you will get the best results is to do and follow his program 100%, to do anything less won’t do justice to this world class comfortable feet plus high performance skiing program. Thank you again…
Peter Stone
Ski Coach, Ski Tester and Senior Ski Writer Australia for 23 years…

Anna Fenninger Worldcup racer 06 09 2011 sms

Hallo Bert,

Danke dass ich ein kleiner Teil von Skimetric sein darf! Es hat mir sehr gedaugt und ich werde es weiterfahren 🙂 Habe mit Rainer einen guten Ansprechpartner aber wenn irgendwas ist lasse ich Dich wissen! Danke nochmals, bis bald! LG. Anna

Anna Fenninger Racing

Hallo Bert,

Thank you that I can be a small part of Skimetric! It feels very good and I will continue skiing with it 🙂 Rainer is a very good communications partner but if there is anything else I let you know!

Thank you again, kind regards,

Andre Arnold, the most successful professional ski racer of all time

Hallo Adalbert,

Deine Arbeit an meinen HEAD Ski Schuh, der eigentlich schon sehr gute Eigenschaften im Bereich Kraftübertragung  in Kombination mit Komfort für meinen Stil bringt, hat nochmals eine merkbare bessere Anpassung im Schuh und somit auch eine schnellere Übertragung meiner körperlichen Tätigkeit auf den Ski gebracht. Ich freu mich jetzt schon wieder auf den Herbst in meinen Racing Camp wieder mit diesem Ski Schuh zu fahren.

Translation: Your work on my Head Ski boot, which already has very good features in the area of power transmission together with comfort for my style, has now a further improvement in personalised fit resulting in a faster transmission of my body’s movements to the ski.I am already looking forward to Autumn to ski again with this boot at my Racing Camps.

Grüße aus Sölden

Andre Arnold
4-facher Profiskiweltmeister

Auweg 10 | 6450 Sölden Austria

Rachel Oakes-Ash, Journalist:

Rachel Oakes-Ash is a well know journalist and came to see Bert because of persistent pain while skiing. You can see from this photograph that Rachel suffered from issues that are common with many female skiers. The knees are falling inwards putting enormous strain on the joints and thus causing imbalance, pain and fatigue;

After spending time with Bert, having her stance, boots, physiology and skiing analysed the results looked like this. The position on skis was balanced neutral and her turns started to flow.

Before After

This is what Rachel had to say in her Sun Herald Article afterwards:

“Mount Hotham ski resort in Victoria has a unique on-snow boot-fitting program. The Skimetric Academy is the brainchild of Adalbert Leibetseder, an Austrian ski instructor and former champion racer who has utilised the expertise and knowledge of the coaches from the Austrian ski team to become the ‘‘boot whisperer’’.

After my last boot-fitting experience, I’m dubious but willing to give it a shot, as either my boots have grown two sizes or my feet have shrunk in the wash; either way I’m in dire need of an upgrade.

My feet are weighed and measured in degrees as notes are made on my bunions, corns and calluses and I begin to feel like a piece of meat. The right foot is longer and wider than the left by up to half a centimetre and, according to the video, my right knee pronates inward and drops in on my left-hand turns. Bert promises to fix this

Each time he disappears to a workshop in the back of the shop, he returns with adjustments designed to fit my bunion, stretch the right boot to my bigger foot and strengthen or relax the boot liners. It is not a short process. So far we have skied for half an hour and been fitting for three.

It’s finally time to put the boots on and immediately my knees are parted perfectly. Another ski together, captured on video, and the difference is astounding: my knee no longer drops inward. There are some boot pressure points we find while on the snow and a few more adjustments are made to ensure that while my
feet are snug and tight, they are not hurting

On the flight home I’m too scared to leave my Nordica’s in the hold, lest they get lost. If I could, I would have given them a seat of their own, so instead I take them on the plane and in my line of sight. Once you’ve found the perfect boot you simply can’t risk losing it.”

Professional Model Skier and Skimetric Graduate Rudi Lapper

Hallo Bertl,

leider lässt der Schnee hier noch auf sich warten. Bin schon 10 Tage mit dem neuen Schuh unterwegs gewesen. Was wirklich sensationell gut ist, ist die direkte Kraftübertragung an den Ski. Vielleicht sind noch einige wenige Kleinigkeiten anzupassen, aber ansonsten ist das wirklich erste Sahne.

Ich hoffe es geht dir gut. Vielleicht können wir ja wieder ein paar Schwünge in den Schnee ziehen, wenn du wieder hier bist.

Schöne Grüße

Rudi Lapper
Ausbildungsleiter Staatliche  Skilehrerausbildung
Chief Instructor Austrian Skiacademy
St Christoph / Austria


Hallo Bertl

Unfortunately we are still waiting for more snow here. I have been skiing with the new boot for 10 days now.

What is sensationally good is the direct power transmission to the ski.

Maybe we need to do a little fine tuning still but everything is first class.

Hope you are well. Maybe we can do a few good turns again together when you are back here again.

Best regards
Rudi Lapper
Ausbildungsleiter Staatliche  Skilehrerausbildung
Chief Instructor Austrian Skiacademy
St Christoph / Austria

Hilary Doling – Journalist

Dear Bert,

What can I say? I’m a new woman! I’m sitting at my computer now beginning to write my article with Monty the Cavalier at my feet.

Thank you for the time and effort you took to set me on the journey to better skiing. I already feel I’m on my way… I enjoyed very step of the process, it was fascinating , but most of all I enjoyed your company.

I appreciate your time and all you taught me. Enjoy the Winter at fabulous Falls

Warmest regards

PS Tonight I’m going to practise standing on one leg…a stork in ski boots

Hilary Doling
Signature Luxury Travel and Style

Shelley Bishop Sydney

Hi Bert,

Thank you for your lovely email. I’m so excited about my new boots! I wish I could take them for a spin tomorrow 🙂 It was so great to ski with you and your instruction was invaluable.  I will be working hard to perfect everything you taught me. Thank you for sending all of those other links as well. I will look over them on the weekend as it is pouring rain up here and I will be stuck indoors. The cabin crew on the flight home thought I was a professional skier because I took my boots on board and didn’t want to let them out of my sight! Ha ha I look forward to staying in touch with you as my skiing improves.  Thank you once again for everything.

Kind Regards, Shelley Bishop

Ted Ligety

Peter Metcalfe believe this is one of his best investments!


Thank you so much for your help this week, the boots and foot bed all work much better than I expected. The big bonus was our time together where you complimented the improved boots and ski with your words of wisdom. Even now I am skiing with so much less stress and using at least 50% less energy. I truly believe this is one of my best investments i.e. ROI 50% in 2 days wow! I’m sure we will talk again soon.Also, feel free to use me as a reference.

Cheers Peter Metcalfe

Mr. Andy Kennard, Founder Kennard’s Equipment Hire and Skimetric graduate


Thank you for your expertise in fitting the new boots.They worked so well for me on our few hours of skiing and they are the most comfortable boots I have ever had. The ski tips you gave me, in conjunction with the new boots improved my skiing in just the short time we had. Now I am ready to take on the heliskiing adventure next year. Being over 70 I was nervous, but not now.

Thanks again. Andy Kennard

Update; I Heliskied in the Cariboo’s in April this year and the boots were perfect. Comfortable, warm, I did not have to adjust them any day. Thanks again. Andy Kennard

Joe Draxl Headcoach Thredbo Raceclub/Australia 05 09 2011 sms

(About his own skimetric powered boots)

Awsome, Perfect. Thanks Bert

Peter Stone – Ski Tester, Ski Writer and Ski Coach on the Skimetric ski

I have been magazine ski testing for the past 23 years. In that time I have skied everything and this Skimetric black series ski is at least twice as good as anything I have ever skied. I was simply blown away and quite speechless from the grip, performance, turn initiation and ease of use. It took me two turns to know I had finally found the ski for me. My dream ski. Do yourself a favor and try them out and I guarantee you’ll be blown away too. Normally I like to understate and have the products over deliver and I am sure even with what I have said here, this ski will do everything you ever imagined and even more. My only question was when can I get a pair?
Peter Stone
International Ski Tester, Ski Writer and Ski Coach.

Marcel Mathis Worldcup Racer 25 08 2011 sms

Hallo Bertl,
Danke nochmals fuer die Schua. Funktioneren super.
Lg. Marcel

Hallo Bertl,
Thanks again for the Boots. Functioning super.
Kind regards, Marcel

Skimetric Founder and CEO Bert Leibetseder is skiing better & faster

Report written by ski writer, Peter Stone

Like a true fine wine, Bert continues to get better with age. This season is no exception as Bert was Class Winner again in the 22km Der Weisse Ring in Lech am Arlberg/Austria ski race. The Der Weisse Ring in Lech am Arlberg/Austria white ring race is considered a ‘cult race’ and highlight of the winter season pushing athletes over 22 km and over 5,500 meters in altitude to deal with.

And in terms of pure speed…Bert clocked 122.45 km/h at the Zuers Speedrace which is an amazing effort when you consider this speed is illegal in a car in Australia, unless you are on the race track.

Ski Metric Wins Again


Braham & Sandra Acheson Young In Aspen till March

Hi Bert, We are having so much fun with our skimetric skis & boots. Carving turns and in control is like a dream come true. And no cold feet. Danke, Danke, Danke.
Braham & Sandra Acheson Young In Aspen till March

Michelle Tate, Lawyer, Melbourne

“Hi Bert
Thank you. Your work was unequalled and extraordinarily valuable. I have been privileged to ski with some amazing skiers over the years, but none had picked up the issues with my stance and balance that you did in one morning. The boot adjustments that you made improved my stance beyond recognition, and my once weak right hand turn is a thing of the past. You are a gifted, patient and generous ski professional. I rave about your program to anyone who will listen!”

Mike Oswald From Canada

While staying in Zurs I met Albert and asked if he would look at my telemark ski boots.  They are quite different to alpine boots, in particular they flex in different ways to alpine, a bit of new ground for Albert.  I’m very happy and amazed at the outcome.

Albert improved my stance in my boots.  This improved the comfort of my boots and removed the pain I was feeling in my left knee.  The adjustment to my boots has corrected my body alignment which has improved my stability, control, strength and balance with the direct affect of adding to my joy of the sport.

I feel very confident and trusting of my ability on my skis in all conditions and at high speed. I am very lucky to have met Albert and that he had the time to assess and improve my foot wear.  This has had a direct affect and improvement to my tele skiing.

I returned home to a busy time table. The boots and shoes you made are fantastic. My feet and body have never felt so good, strong and stable. Our ski season is over here and I haven’t been out in the boots here but very much looking forward to next season. I have told my friends about what you have done for me and some were interested.  Interesting article.  I may have to change careers.
With much gratitude,Mike Oswald From Canada

Ralph Ryan

“As a passionate skier looking to discover the joys of improving your ability, increasing your confidence while basking in the comfort of perfect boots you should look no further than the Skimetric program…at the recommendation of respected ski mates, I underwent nothing less than a transformation in my skiing by participating in Adalbert’s program, a program I thoroughly recommend to anyone who seeks the ultimate ski experience.”

Aksel Lund Svindal

Grant Cameron, Executive Director, Grant Broadcasters

“Bert, just thought I’d let you know how we are going: overall fantastic!
We had another weekend down at Thredbo mid-August. Sensational weekend on a 2mtr base of real packed powder, blue skies, no wind.
Our skiing is absolutely at another level, the increased control, lowered effort and significantly higher speeds were just remarkable. Thanks! (also meant that our 17 year old son who was blowing us off the open piste in July was just keeping up this time – hah!).”

David Hall, Owner, The Clean Plumber

Hi Bert
Thanks for everything your passion and knowledge is unbelievable. I now look forward to my new life as a skier. Smiggins was amazing, very windy for 2 days and beautiful sunshine for Sun.
I skied fantastic, I practiced your turns and only went fast a couple of times (yes I did have some falls when I got out of control)
Everyone was sore after the 3 days, not me I could have skied for weeks.
Boots were amazing thank you so much for all your help.

Adam Seedsman, Ski Enthusiast

“Skimetric is a fantastic program for all skiers from beginners to intermediate to advanced and expert. Whether you are a recreational skier, serious enthusiast or high end alpine athlete, I think Skimetric can work for you. The Skimetric program is based on simple, logical and fundamental principles that go directly to improving and enhancing your skiing. I have been skiing for many years and have skied numerous resorts in Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia so would classify myself as an advanced/expert skier on most terrain and snow conditions from packed powder super groomers to crud to waist deep powder.

I may not be the best technically but I can get around a ski area – but there was always times when a ski might wash out from under me in a high speed turn for no apparent reason or I might come close to a blow out and could not understand why. Skimetric gave me those answers. Working with Bert on my natural position and how I skied, we quickly identified how my existing set up needed to improve and set about changing and optimising my set up to the ideal balanced power position. In some ways Skimetric is all about setting you up for less effort and more return so that you, your boots and skis all work as a complete package. I would say that the Skimetric program has not only dramatically improved my set up but also helped from a technical improvement perspective. Now my challenge is how to control the speed I generate from the ski as turns do not wash out anymore and those near blow outs are few and far between. When blow outs happen I think it is most likely skier error as opposed to being linked to my set up.
I would recommend Skimetric to anyone wanting to improve their skiing enjoyment.

Martin Rowley, Ski Enthusiast (ex Australian national ski team racer)

“Hi Bert,
I would like to express how much of a pleasure that it was to work in with you last week. The boots feel unbelievably great, and I’m really looking forward to getting on the gas as you say! Also, the technical advise that you gave was just simply ON IT! At this stage of my skiing life I feel as if I have quantum leaped to a level that I have been longing for years. I visualize my German salute, counter rotation and let the new groove take over every day. I’m counting down the days until I’m next back on snow to dance the new motion and go go go! Hope to catch up in September.”
With many thanks, Martin Rowley Ex Australian Skiteam Competitor

Brendan Nichols, International Speaker and Author

“What Bert doesn’t know about skiing could be written on the back of a postage stamp. I have had a lot of lessons from a lot of instructors, Bert is a whole other level again. He accelerated my skiing dramatically in just a very short period of time.”

Randy Wieman, Freestyle Skiing Champion, Olympic photographer, Skied over 200 resorts on 6 continents.

Skimetric Graduate

When it comes to working perfectly ski boots, Bert is simply the best. His program analyses the skier on and off the snow to fit the body not just the boot. The whole has to function together to maximise comfort and performance.  For the final analyses, Bert skis with you to test your natural balance, bio-mechanical functions, comfort and control. With over 40 years of analysing all details of what makes a ski turn, Bert and his team of skimetric advisors have researched and developed a hands-on method of integrating a perfectly fitted boot to a person’s physical structure for the purpose of getting more power and joy out of every turn. For me, living in a ski resort and skiing every day, the greatest feeling in skiing is the G-force built up in a carved turn which is maximised through good skis and Bert’s skimetric work.” Sincerely, Randy

Barb Britten, Snow ski enthusiast SandyPoint, Australia

Feedback on the Skimetric Program at Mount Hotham, Victoria Australia

I have skied at Mount Hotham for the past 30 years, ski patrolled for two years back in the early 1980s, spent many winters in the northern hemisphere and believe I fall into the category of ‘advanced’ skier. I have had substantial difficulties finding a boot setup which is high performance, comfortable and compatible with my small foot size and narrow ankle/calf. I ski all terrain from in bounds groomed runs to extreme areas and have no hesitations hiking to find fresh powder. Recently I decided that it was time to purchase new boots given I am about to spend a season at Red Mountain in British Columbia, Canada and given that there are very few boot and biometric technicians in that part of the world, decided to try the Skimetric Program to be 100% sure that the boot I purchased not only fitted correctly but was engineered to cater for the differences between each foot. In the past I have simply tried a boot on in the store, checked the shell size, walked around for up to an hour to ensure a degree of comfort and fit then passed over the credit card. I have never been given the opportunity to have my balance and style carefully analysed on the snow, foot measured carefully, offered comprehensive testing of my balance for each leg and total expert analysis of what I needed to place me in the correct position to improve my overall skiing ability. Bert, the Skimetric Director, and Michael, the boot fitter, spent four hours with me on and off the snow to ensure the boot I purchased was right for me in every respect. The result was quite amazing. Over the past few weeks I have skied hard pack, hiked all day out the back of Mount Hotham on a powder day and traversed constantly to access extreme areas and my boots have performed beyond my expectations. I have no pressure points, no unnecessary foot movement horizontally or vertically and I have been placed in a more positive ski position which has transferred to improved performance and enjoyment. I am now working on improving my carving and overall skiing ability without having to constantly adjust my boots or deal with foot discomfort. I would highly recommend the Skimetric Program to skiers who are strong intermediates or higher. People who understand how a ski works and want the best out of each day on the snow should consider this program.

Leanne Bright, Victoria

Hi Bert As you probably gathered I was a bit of reluctant participant in your program initially. Getting the wrong information from the snow sports office didn’t help. My husband paid for the program otherwise there’s no way I would have turned up. All I’ve ever wanted was to be a good skier; I’ve tried lessons and found I did better getting hints from friends. I’ve tried the Masters racing program for a season – little if any value and last year I tried a private lesson with a level 3 instructor and derived little if any value – ie no discernable change. My friends have always raved about carve skis and how effortless they are – I’ve never found that. In one session with you I’ve had more improvement than I’ve had in any other designated coaching/instructor session in skiing. Honestly when I saw 2 carved lines in the snow done by ME! When I wasn’t even trying to do it, I could’ve cried. That’s something I’ve tried and tried and tried to do. I’ve done many thousands of repetitions in those old boots so my new boot set up feels profoundly wrong, I feel very awkward on skis but the video and the feedback from the skis is very clear – the change is quite remarkable and something I’m very grateful for. I know with the new boot set up it will take a while for me to retrain my movement patterns and loose my bad habits caused by compensating. I’m so excited by the changes, I can hardly wait to get on skis tomorrow and build on all your good work. I’m very glad my husband encouraged my participation in your program, I apologise profusely for my initial coldness and am now a strong convert to “skimetric”. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional and I appreciated Mark’s enthusiasm and expertise. You form a very impressive team!

Many thanks to you both

David Ellis, Captain (Mariner)

Hi Bert, I have a target in mind with my skiing that is really only achievable with guidance from someone such as yourself. I have another week up at Falls in two weeks and I am going to work really hard to maintain a strong open position. The skiing has been fantastic this year so I can’t wait to get back on the hill. Your knowledge of skiing technique and technology is unique and I really value what you have told me. It was great to catch up and thanks for your patience and assistance. I will get in touch earlier next year to see what your program is and look at getting onto a straighter ski.

Nathalie Quedraogo, Private ski instructor, Mt.Hotham Australia-Niseko Japan

Dear Bert, Thank you so much for adjusting my boots, can’t believe how effortless skiing has become.
Everything’s fine here in Niseko and we’re enjoying consistent powder everyday.
I’ve been working on my skiing as much as possible and I can tell the balance on my outside ski of my left hand turns is improving. Slowly getting rid of those bad habits!
Thanks again for putting me on the right tracks.I am Happy to share my great experience with skimetric with anyone curious and interested.

Enjoy the winter!I wish you a successful year and all the best in 2009.

Josh and Karen, Melbourne, Australia

25 01 09 Hi Bert, both Karen and I were very happy with the results we achieved from skimetric, I was reviewing some video footage from the last 2 years and the difference in both our skiing is amazing, we are both skiing steeper and faster but with much more balance and control, but one of telling results from skimetric is the reduction in leg fatigue, due to our more balanced stance over the centre of the skis not only are we much more in control but we no longer suffer from that thigh fatigue and can now ski longer, harder with much more control making every day in the snow more enjoyable.Hope you having a great stay in Austria, Karen I look forward to seeing you at Hotham this winter.
Best regards,

Knut Noltemeier, Mainz Germany

Hi Bert !Many thanks again for the patience and effort you spent on giving me the best support on the piste i ever experienced ! Some of my impressions from the skimetric course:
– no pain any longer whilest skiing; Bert managed to provide me new boots fitting perfectly and this was not an easy job since my feet are quite unique/strange/unequal/asymmetrical…- best and friendliest service in St.Anton including a ski lesson i will always remember

– customer service provided in a way, which i unfortunately miss many times in the skiing branch; staying with Bert really means: customer = king- some words in german (sorry for that!): Bei Bert fühlt man(n) sich in guten Händen… I even could point out a lot of additional positive issues here, but i think i already mentioned the most important ones.You (as the customer) need to experience the outstanding ones on your own; have fun and enjoy this kind of service, which is very valuable (= fair price).
Best regards,

Rick Payne, Adelaide, South Australia

Bert I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Deb. Every time we have been skiing she has had problems with her feet, soreness and pins and needles. Making skiing not as enjoyable as it should be. After having you use the Skimetric process to review her boot fitting and physical alignment you came up with a solution that allowed her to ski, pain free, for the first time. I can recommend the Skimetric system to all skiers particularly skiers who have feet problems. Once again thanks for the Skimetrics system.

Katrina, Perth, Western Australia

Hi Bert! Back home and missing the snow! I said I’d send a testimonial and here it is:
“If ski boots are painful, then beautiful days on the slopes are cut short. I had been told by my physio that the pain of my interdigital neuroma was best fixed by taking painkillers while skiing, but now that I’ve had my wonderful foot bed custom made by Skimetric I’ve found I can ski at least half a day without any pain. This is my second foot bed and it is by far the best at supporting my feet and getting the best out of my boots, giving me more power to ski!”I just wish I had more time to test them out and put into practice your wonderful advice…. I hope I can remember it for next time!I hope you will be able to send me the video clips when you (or your computer guy!) have the opportunity
All the best Bert, and enjoy the snow! Regards,

Carol and Mal Styles, Victoria.

Hi Bert,

Just wanted to drop you a line as i have been meaning to for some time now to check in. I have managed to have some good snow time in Buller & Thredbo since last speaking despite the average snow conditions. My enthusiasm level has taken a quantum leap since the majic that you performed on my equipment and new awareness to technique.I am simply astounded by the change in my skiing!I beleived that over 40 years of creating a skiing technique was thourghly inground, and that my skiing level was the result of that. Hard work and hard to change that.Well, thats what i thought!Until i stood at the top of Southside in Buller, looking down on firnpack to ice and then, just let the dance begin. The millimeter percision and power created from it bought a grin on my face that grew from turn to turn and has remained there since.Thank you Bert. I am so greatfull that i had the opportunity to gain so much from what you have to give.Have you made plans to leave Hotham yet? If not, please give me a date. It would be great to hook up before the winter ends.kind regards,Martin Rowley. Hello Bert,
Thankyou once again for an incredible experience. Both of us have skied for many years, Mal for 32 years and I for 28 years. Before having our alignment done by you, Mal was suffering everyday with foot pain, despite changing ski boots every so often to get a better result, which never came. Being a volunteer ski patroller at Mt Hotham for 27 of his 32 years, Mal had dealt with the pain and at the end of the day’s work had to relieve his feet by massage and then go again the next day. Your mind is not on your feet when you are helping others in distress on the slopes, so the end of the day was when it all hit home. Without realising it, Mal was compensating for this by stressing other parts of his body, therefore not skiing in a flowing balance as you should.Since Bert created new foot beds and re-aligned Mal’s frame through the Skimetric system, he skis PAIN FREE ! His skiing has improved within days of skiing in his new BALANCED stance, and his enjoyment level has risen beyond his expectations.
As for myself, I was skiing knocked kneed for years, trying to compensate for my feet being totally rolled inward within my ski boots.
I had foot beds each time I had a new pair of ski books, but to no avail. Eventually needing surgery on my left knee from stress trying to ski balanced. Having skied for so long, and wanting to continue with it for many more, I was determined to improve.
Since Bert created my new foot beds, and re-aligned my whole frame, I now ski in a much more balanced stance, making my skiing EVEN EASIER than ever before! No stress to my knees anymore, and my confidence level has risen enormously. Skiing in an upright balanced way, and letting the shaped skis do their work, has made skiing so much more enjoyable, and as you get older, people expect you to give skiing up, but not us, we are now enjoying pain free skiing– giving us both a new lease on life! Thank you Bert, you are amazing.
Kind regards,

Martin Van Hoek, Melbourne

Hi Bert,

A short note to thank you for pioneering the Skimetric Program.
As we spoke about the desire to continually improve my skiing has been with me ever since my first day on ski’s, 35 odd years ago.
That desire has taken me across the globe, introduced me to some wonderful and amazing people, lead me to achieve my instructor qualifications in Canada and Australia, and given me the opportunity to briefly work in the ski industry, locally and abroad.
More recently, and for the last 11 years, I have been competing in Masters racing and the desire to improve my skiing ability, to improve my race times, has been at the fore more than ever.
The passion for racing has lead me to several race camps and I was introduced the concept of skier alignment several years ago.
As you observed, with that knowledge, I was skeptical of the benefits of the Skimetirc program at first. It was only your passion and commitment to see my skiing improve that allowed me to go through the program. Once in the program your attention to detail throughout the process gave such confidence, but it was really the on-snow results that convinced me of the benefits of Skimetric.
I can now easily say that I am the most balanced I have ever been on ski’s. I can now ski easily on either ski, that is, I am that balanced I can ski on either my uphill ski, or downhill ski, my transitions between turns feel so much more solid, and my edge grip throughout the entire turn is like being on rails.
I am so much looking forward to exploiting my new found skills in the race course, and seeing my race times improve.
Once again thankyou for developing the SkimetricProgam, you are truly a ski industry pioneer. I will be recommending the Program to everyone that I know.


Julian Mann of Laguna Beach California

Skimetric graduate Julian Mann of Laguna Beach California is also a fast man behind the wheel of a race car. Julian and his team Knoop-Mann came second outright in the 2014 Pikes Peak international Hill Climb. Congratulations Julian

Ross Mitchell, AAC member[Australian Alpine Club]

Dear Bert

After complaining to ski instructor Scott and Marty at the AAC lodge at Mt Hotham about my painful boots [and my skiing] they sang your praises and spoke highly of your ability to ‘Fix problems’. Even though I was sceptical of the extent of their claims on your behalf I decided that I was sufficiently frustrated to visit you at your Skimetric site at Hotham.

You took the time to have a ski with me gave me some very useful tips [still working on these] then returned to Skimetric took a good look at my boots and threw them away[rightly I must say!].

After painstakingly assessing my needs and a great deal of measuring and fitting my new boots proved to give me a new appreciation of skiing enjoyment and comfort. So combined with your ski tips I look forward to my future skiing even more enthusiastically!

Thanks Bert

Martin Brook, Owner Brook Farm

Dear Adalbert

Before meeting you and receiving the Skimetrics special treatment, skiing had always come with  some major issues.

I had long ago abandoned my own boots and every ski trip, be it Australia, US or Canada, boots were hired. Nine times out of ten, because of my extraordinary wide feet and a very high arch, I have serious issues, the hired boots were always a couple of sizes too big for me. If I did decide to go with the right size boot, it was sheer torture.

The chance meeting at Hotham in August has really changed my whole approach to this great sport. To have a pair of comfortable boots is such a treat.

I have to say Bert the time and attention you paid to my problem was extraordinary.

Thanks also for introducing us to to the great range of accessories, comfortable, warm & great quality.

Ruffy, Canberra Australia

Hi Bert’s the name and skiing is the game I have just finished my fourth day skiing at Silver Star Skiing with my feet further back, more upright with hips further forward.

Most importantly I can ski on my LEFT LEG no problems. I feel I am skiing better and with more confidence than I ever have before. Tearing it apart who says that Parkinson’s stops you from skiing, if they do they need some Bert’s boots. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP AND BELIEF.


Best wishes

Christian Geiger Australian National Ski Team Racer

Servus Bert,
I am going really well here in New Zealand. Won a few time trials and came a close second in the rest. The Boots are brilliant.
Christian Geiger
Australian National Ski Team Racer

Jennifer Shore, New York

Hi Bert

Thank you for the Dr Reference!

Most of all thanks for making me an amazing pair of boots. You have given me a whole new excitement & outlook for my years of skiing to come.

Hope we have a chance to ski together again! Have a great season in Australia & see you next year when Hadi become a skimetric client.

All the best,

Jennifer Shore, New York

Jenny Knowles – Skimetric graduate with new Skimetric Boots and Skimetric Skis

Dear Bert,

Firstly my best wishes to Rosemary and my hope that she will be better soon.

I have skied 3 times with my fabulous, wonderful, splendid new Skimetric skis.Skiing is now comfortable, fast, easier and full of fun NOT fear. I am skiing better than ever and remember every minute your “famous four” points. I have not only been practising but also sharing these “fab four tips” with my friends.  Their skiing improved as well and they thought I was a very good teacher. ha ha.

I HAD to give you the credit and of course they both want new skis and more importantly comfortable boots. What fun skiing has become.  I didn’t realise how much energy is saved now and how much energy I put in to making it hard work. Thanks are not enough for all you have done for me.  I will be skiing until my 80”s or 90’s Im sure. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Jenny x

Steen Rees about his son Jamie

Thank you Bert. You have a big heart. Yes, you are undoubtedly “the Man” when it comes to skiing, but you are also a great human being. Few people are. You have so much in common with my humanitarian colleagues. In the world of skiing you make peoples lives better. Thank you so much.Jamie really respects and likes you. You made his experience over the last few days so easy for him. As you know, he struggles with low self esteem and social anxiety. He has come away from thredbo feeling significantly better about himself. Thanks to Bert.

Cheers Steen

Skimetric graduate Gloria Yee

Hi Bert,

Just to let you know how improved I am with my fitted boots – much more secure and aggressive and bottoms up (you are in my ear all the time with that phrase). We have just returned from 2 weeks in Val d Isere – great snow (powder would you believe!) great weather and great food. If you are in Austria, hope you have had a good season too.
Gloria Yee

Skimetric Graduate – Wes Wheelhouse

Hello Bert,

I want to thank you for the boots and also the skiing we did together.

I had put off buying boots for years because I could never find a comfortable boot worth buying. I lived in the hope that as I rented different boots, I would find one that I could ski for more than a couple of hours without pain. In the end, and after renting probably a dozen different brands and sizes I contacted you.

Having experienced the Skimetrics program, I now understand it’s not only about the boots. The program is a much wider experience that includes on snow balance, skier alignment assessment and dynamic movement feedback, to get the most out of my new set up, with an expert who has worked with and guided some of the best competitive skiers in the world.

With size 15 feet and having lumps and bumps from a life time of breaks, sprains, and torment I wasn’t convinced that any pair of boots would fit me.  However right from the first communication where you had me send you measurements so you could source the boot before I arrived to save me time, nothing seemed difficult or out of the ordinary.

When I did arrive at your workshop, you showed me the boots you had sourced which were two sizes smaller than I normally wear. In one of my experiments with rented boots I had worn that same boot, and my feet were numb after 2 hours skiing, but you assured me it was the correct size boot for my feet.

For the next 3 hours, I experienced the Skimetric process of measuring testing and remeasuring every dimension angle, lump and bump on my foot. Armed with this and the information you gathered while skiing together you produced a boot that felt unbelievable.  While they looked just the same, on closer inspection there was very little the same, you could see where the shells had been remoulded to fit my feet, and on the inside, nothing was left untouched.

I couldn’t believe it when we went for that first ski what a difference the boots made, the absolute comfort was one thing, but the improvement on my skiing was immediate.

The only regret I have is I didn’t contact you years ago, I would have been more comfortable and a considerably better skier if I had. Thanks Bert for putting me in a place that when I ski, I don’t even think about my boots.

Wes Wheelhouse

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