Newest Skimetric Service

The basis to all good skiing and great fun in the mountains is good health and fitness.

We all get our cars serviced and checked for safety and performance but we are not so precise when it comes to our body which we expect to perform every day as well.

Hence Skimetric highly recommends and promotes the ski specific Skimetric Health and Fitness Assessment, which is carried out by Sportsclinic Austria, in Innsbruck. This ultimate health and fitness check for skiers as performed for the world’s top ski racers is now available for the regular performance and health conscious skier.

Another ski specific service from Skimetric.

Clients benefit from the Sportsclinic Austria – Skimetric cooperation.

Sportsclinic Austria

  • Check and improve the body’s capacities
  • Becoming aware of your body’s strengths and weaknesses
  • To identify and remedy physical deficiencies
  • Establish a medically based training program with measurable results
  • The optional fitness program is personalised and based on the by sportsclinic established data
  • The client will eventually perform, feel and look better as well as being healthier


  • Realisation of the Skimetric benefits in terms of skiing performance and comfort
  • Ski with less physical effort, better balance and faster reaction
  • Perform with less strain on the body
  • Glide faster and carve more effectively
  • Better coordination and control on the slopes
  • Enjoy the sport more, learn faster and ski longer – in your life

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