Friends of Skimetric

Over the years Bert and his company Skimetric have developed long lasting friendships with passionate skiers all around the world. In fact many customers who have enjoyed the incredible customer service provided by Bert have gone on to become long term friends.

Skimetric Young Seniors Club

The Skimetric Young Seniors Club was established in 2012 with the objective to help the well experienced and passionate skiers to ski 100% longer in their life than they would normally.

i.e. if you are 70 and would anticipate to ski to age 77 we would help you to ski to age 84. The additional comfort, balance and control on skis gained via the Skimetric program will provide a stronger base for you to ski. The personal guidance with Equipment, tuning and skiing conditions will help you to stay away from potential hazards. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment for more skiing will potentially grow so much that you can forget all about dying young…

Skiers On The Way To 100 Years Young

Ski Legend And Skimetric Graduate Peter Zirknitzer Celebrating A Big Milestone


Ski Ledgend, Founder Of Sporthotel Lorünser And Skimetric Graduate Herbert Jochum with Olympic Goldmedalist Ernst Hinterseer


Interview with Skimetric Graduate Dr. Thomas Thomsen

JT Holmes – World #1 Extreme Skier & Skimetric Graduate

For more JT Holmes on the video click this link: JT Holmes Speedriding

Jono Brauer, Two-Time Olympian and Skimetric Fan

This is a shot of Bert and Jono Brauer; two-time Olympian going through their paces after Jono had spent some time working on his boots, stance and posture with Bert.

Peter Zirknitzer, Ski Legend, Ex Austrian Ski Instructor and Mt Hotham Entrepreneur.

Bert and Peter Zirknitzer, Ski Icon, shares a smile after a day together on the slopes.

Bode Miller

Franz Klammer, Winner of 25 Word Cup Downhills, Olympic Gold Medallist, 5 Time Winner of the Word Cup Title.

Bert and Franz enjoying a joke at the end of a long lunch. They will be catching up again this winter (2011) in Austria for more good times

Skimetric, Andre Arnold and Rosemarie and Bert Leibetseder

Andre Arnold the most successful professional ski racer of all time. Four time professional World Champion and Skimetric graduate. |

Marc GINI Swiss worldcup slalom team

Horst Fritz, Owner Arlberg Express, Friend of Skimetric

Bert enjoying some fun with (left) Horst Fritz and (right) the great Franz Klammer.
(For privacy and security reasons we are not able to publicise some friends of Skimetric.)

Skiing legends Franz Klammer, Georg Ager and Franz Weber at the start of the Kitzbuehl Worldcup Downhill

Franz Klammer Georg Ager and Franz Weber

Skiing legends Franz Klammer (Kaiser Franz) Georg Ager (2x Overall World Pro Skiing Champion) and Franz Weber (6x Speedskiing World Champion) at the start of the Kitzbuehl Worldcup Downhill prior to “casually” skiing the course as part of the Tour de Franz 2011.

2011 Skimetric Graduate Anna Fenninger World Cup Racer

2 Times Overall World Cup Champion
Winter Olympics 2014 – 1 Gold, 1 Silver
World Championship Results 2011 – 1 Gold, 2013 1 Bronze, 2015 2 Gold, 1 Silver.

Daniel Mahrer Swiss World Cup racer, 8 times World Cup Downhill winner and Bronze medal winner Downhill World Championship 1991

Franz Weber with Bert Leibetseder

Skiing legend Daniel Mahrer with Bert Leibetseder.

Cold smoke from Skimetric Graduate Randy Wieman in Niseko Japan

Formula 1 Driver David Coulthard

David Coulthard with Bert LeibetsederDavid Coulthard and Bert Leibetseder at the Kitzbuehl World Cup Downhill 2011.

Austrian skiing Legends Olympic Goldmedalist Ernst Hinterseer and Founder of the exquisite Sporthotel Loruenser Herbert Jochum

Ernst-Hinterseer and Loruenser Herbert Jochum with Skimetric ski

Austrian skiing Legends Olympic Goldmedalist Ernst Hinterseer and Founder of the exquisite Sporthotel Loruenser Herbert Jochum discussing the Skimetric custom ski at the home of skimetric in Zuers/Austria.

Racing director Rainer Salzgeber, skiracing legend Anita Wachter und Hotel Loruenser owner Gebhard Jochum

Rainer Salzgeber Anita Wachter Gebhard Jochum

Racing director Rainer Salzgeber, skiracing legend Anita Wachter und Hotel Loruenser owner Gebhard Jochum talking about Skimetric at the bottom of the Zuerser Taeli last April.

Skimetric graduates and Ex Mercedes President Edzard Reuter and Mrs Reuter and friends

Ezzehard Reuter and Friends of Skimetric

Skimetric graduates and Ex Mercedes President Edzard Reuter and Mrs Reuter after after a great morning’s skiing with Sporthotel Loruenser Senior Chef Herbert Jochum and Champion ski instructor Arnold.

Caroline Hilti and Olympic Downhill Gold Medal Winner and World Champion Egon Zimmermann

Skimetric graduate Caroline Hilti and Olympic Downhill Gold medal winner and World champion Egon Zimmermann enjoying the last day of the ski season 2014 in Oberlech.

WHITE WINNERS NIGHT @ Der Weiße Ring – Das Rennen

The white ring race, known as world’s longest ski race is 22 km around the Arlberg in Austria is limited to 1000 competitors and is held annually in mid-January.

Skimetric graduate Italian Worldcup downhill racer Werner Heel

Skimetric Graduate Martin Van Hoek Whistler/Canada.

Martin Van Hoek Skimetric Graduate Powder Skiing

Skimetric Graduate and master pupil Martin Van Hoek working the Powder in Whistler/Canada the only problem is it’s hard to see how good his new set up is.

Skimetric Graduates Michael Hilti and Marc Gini

Swiss Skimetric graduates Michael Hilti and Swiss WC racer Marc Gini at Sporthotel Lorünser after a great morning skiing.

Just Proving that Bert is always testing his own Skimetric setup and Skimetric equipment

Skimetric Start in Zuers 14 01 2017

After a great season in the new Skimetric workstation at the World ski award winning Astra lodge Falls Creek Australia; preparations are on the way for another
Busy season in Zuers. Skimetric bookings are up in particular from Australia according to Sporthotel Loruenser the beautiful home of Skimetric in Austria.

This year was interesting as approximately a quarter of Skimetric clients were medical doctors or have been recommended by a medical specialist.

The Arlberg will present itself at its best ever with two new cable cars connecting now the entire region from St. Anton to Lech Warth making it one of the 5 largest
Ski resorts globally. It looks like flying start 03 December on the 300 km+ connected Ski trails which had very good early snowfalls with cold weather.

This version is so young and currently only available in “native Austrian” but the pictures tell the story.

Struggling to find a gift idea for the person who has everything? If so, then I’d like to share with you that some years ago International Corporations started giving to their senior personnel and special customers Skimetric programs or Skimetric products as a unique gift via a gift voucher. These Skimetric gift vouchers have now grown in popularity and are also used for the Friend or Family member who has everything. If I can assist you arranging such a memorable gift please reply to this email or sms/call me on +61 408 223 333.

For your information there are more Skimetric innovations becoming available this season which include:

  • A new superlight multipurpose Skiboot custom built to Skimetric specification, available from February 2017
  • A new high tech ski tuning technology which will provide via an Ultra-Precise Edge Geometry a silky smoot ride with precision grip and control.
  • If you are a member of the Skimetric “Young Seniors Club” come and see by appointment the world’s lightest Ski/Binding/Ski Pole combination
    at the Skimetric workstation in the Sporthotel Loruenser.

Plus my commitment to you is still to build the next Skimetric set up and boot better than the one before to ensure ongoing progress in comfort and performance

Please let me know if you need any help with equipment, I will be back on the tools again in Zuers from the 14 01 17.

Looking forward to meeting up again on or off skis adding more Skimetric fuel to your fire.


PS: bestselling Author and international speaker Brendan Nichols talking about business progress and his view on Skimetric. The Skimetric infomation is found at the 7 minute 30 secong mark. More on Brendan here

Skimetric Update 2016 Australia

For your information please see below some updates from the Skimetric world for 2016 season in Australia.

I know for Thredbo skiers this is not ideal but we will have the best Skimetric workstation and facilities to date to further progress the work and research.

Following another very busy season in Zuers/Austria it is my great pleasure to announce that the Skimetric workstation is back in Victoria in the beautiful Astra Lodge Falls Creek starting from the 26 of June 2016. Astra Lodge is a newly renovated and rebuilt top class ski in ski out ski lodge and I believe one of the finest of its kind in Australasia.

Skimetric is now in Zuers Austria and Falls Creek Australia an exclusive in house service to the respective establishments and both property owners made this possible after they personally completed the Skimetric program to offer the same service and benefits for their guests.

For your personal attention weather you need service, repair or some technical follow-up the only ultimate solution is between your Skimetric data sheets and my head.

If you believe that one of your friends would benefit from a Skimetric program I will offer for this person by appointment a complimentary Skimetric biomechanical analysis which takes about 20 minutes and will most likely help with the understanding of foot, joint or back pain as well as why one turn maybe more stable than the other.

The Skimetric program also has become a special corporate gift and is being used by international companies such as Mercedes Benz Head office in Stuttgart Germany.

Even if everything is perfect and you just happen to ski in Mt.Hotham or Falls Creek stop by for a ski-chat at Astra Lodge or a meal at the award winning restaurant,
maybe a day spa or a swim at the Astra pool or a drink in the wine cellar right next door to the “Skimetric power station”.

For your information I will be at the upcoming Travelplan ski expos in Melbourne 28 May, Brisbane 04 June and Sydney 05 June if you have time for a chat and check out the latest opportunities for an overseas ski holiday.

For your information please see below the 2015/16 Skimetric season update

With best wishes for a snow filled winter and Skimetric powered skiing

PS: Tip; there are 7 plus competitively priced flights daily from Sydney to Albury and the distance/time to Falls Creek is only marginally more than from Cooma to Thredbo/Perisher and the connection choices are car, bus or helicopter. Astra Lodge can arrange your preference. There’s also the Heli shuttle between Falls and Hotham,
to combine the best of both resorts.

Skimetric update 2015/16

The Skimetric program at Sporthotel Loruenser will resume already at Christmas this season and will finish in early march due to overseas commitments.

We welcome the newest Skimetric advisor Dr. Guy Buchanan who is a specialist in neuro plasticity, expert skier and Skimetric graduate. Dr. Buchanan’s c ontributions will help to accelerate the eye to foot coordination and adaption to build a new muscle memory during and following the Skimetric program.

Today the Skimetric client list comprises of some of the worlds fasted ski racers including existing and ex- World Champions who have between them 58 World and Olympic medals (as per 2015) as well as speed world record holder Franz Weber, CMH team leader Roko Koell, Austrian Ski Academy’s Chief Instructor Rudi Lapper and the most winning professional ski racer of all time Andre Arnold.

Also extreme skiers at the top of their demanding profession such as JT Holmes, some of the most successful business people in the world who are globally renowned figures at some of the world’s most productive companies and celebrities from around the globe.

Thanks to the close cooperation with the Skimetric medical advisory team we have also had tremendous success working with people with serious foot and leg injuries from accidents who can ski again and improvements to Individuals with Parkinson’s and Mitochondrial disease.

All of this are building blocks to continuously advance the Skimetric function integration technology to help our clients to achieve the best possible progress in Dynamic balance, maximum coordination, comfort and control on skis.

As Guest of Sporthotel Loruenser you are invited for an appointment to receive a complimentary Skimetric assessment which takes about 20 Minutes andprovides you with a biomechanical and equipment analytical insight why possibly not every turn is as good as it could be and what to do about it.

SEASON update 2014!

As promised here are a few points of news for the world of skimetric

– Skimetric Health and Fitness check – your assurance for performance and wellbeing Read more

– Skimetric Young Seniors Club – the current members are skimetric graduates over the age of 80 and all ski well. Read more how you can join early and the goals for the members.

– The unique Skimetric microfine merino Socks you are using would make a very good present for your skiing friends and family.  Read more

– 13 year old Australian Gymnast and Ballerina completes skimetric program in September 2013 and wins biggest ski race in her life the next day. Read more

– Skimetric Graduate Johannes Strolz the son of Slalom Olympic gold medalist Hubert Strolz headed for World cup in 2014. Read more

8 year old Ross Fisher was troubled by considerable misalignment and on mums and medical recommendation did the Skimetric program in 2014 Ross was voted most improved in that season by the Thredbo Ski School.

Skimetric news and events 2011/12

The most important was the continued growth/popularity of skimetric and that I  could serve more enthusiastic skiers, some of best in their field like yourself and some of the world’s best ski racers.

The first international skimetric symposium in Hotel Loruenser/Zuers was THE platform to have the top experts in the sport present their point of view to the invited guests. The presentations where so interesting that is was very easy for me to summarize the points and introduce the next speaker. Four people came from Australia for the event. Other delegates were from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and Finland.

The world cup race in Kitzbuehel was an amazing experience (it’s now ranked as the sporting event like Monaco GP) and skiing the Downhill track minutes after the race with skiing legend Franz Klammer was the experience of a lifetime. The racetrack is a combination of Ice and Concrete like snow and all people working on the hill have to wear crampons. The Weisswurst party and the other social events are amazing, the people are really nice and Franz & Franz are the best organizers and hosts. Please see more about the event and join us in January 2013.

Built a skimetric setup for the most successful ski racing director in the industry Rainer Salzgeber and he was very impressed with the extra control, power and use of less energy.

Rainer asked to also have a Skimetric program for his wife Anita Wachter as he thinks she has an even better feel on skis than him. Anita was one of the most successful ski racers of all time and between Rainer and Anita have won eight Olympic and World championship medals in ski racing. The final analysis was perfect and her comments full of surprise and praise.

An American guest from the 50+ generation went to Dr.Murr’s Clinic in Zuers because of persistent knee pain from skiing. Dr.Murr identified a skeletal misalignment and recommended a skimetric program. The new ski boot with skimetric setup allowed the guest to ski with less effort; enjoying almost pain free skiing for the rest of his holiday.


The other highlight was that two really nice and well-mannered 12 year old racers won the Zürs Ski school race with their new skimetric setup and the right skis.(their parents where very proud) And it was possible to help one of the past Olympic sailing champions who made the trip over to Zuers to ski more effectively and efficiently. He said that I must be the first guy who skis better with Parkinson’s than before.

On the personal racing front it was “practice what you preach “with start number 917 of 1000 competitors came 4. In my age at the world’s longest ski race (total distance approx. 22km).Third Gustav Thoeni one of the all-time greats of skiing. Whilst I had a reasonable clean run the big advantage was the combination of a superfast ski with the perfectly flat balanced stance which allowed me to go so much faster particularly on the flats. Based on this year’s result my start number will be lower next year and the “Pedal closer to the Metal”.  (Won the class in 2012). Also got accepted for membership at the famous Ski club Arlberg est. 1905 and won my class at the Club championships.

2011 is the 90 years anniversary of my Dad starting his business career as a Master Boot maker (Schuhmachermeister) in Linz /Austria. Alois spend exactly 50 years making custom shoes for people and it is ironic that I do similar work for skiers as part of the skimetric program.

As Skimetric graduate over the age of 80 you are part of the team. There are 7 members currently. The objective is to help every skier past 50 to expand their expected skiing live by 50 precent and to reach this distinct status. The oldest skier in America just had his 100 Birthday.

Back in Australia the first skimetric job was to build some new boots for my great friend Graeme who worked as a Lifty in Perisher when I first arrived there in 1973. He had many ups and downs and has not been skiing for the last years due to health and economical reasons. Graeme 73 had a knee replacement 18 months ago and following the Skimetric Program had some great days skiing which he really enjoyed.  Another great friend Romak had both knees replaced in the last 3 years and both gentleman are of the opinion that now they ski better than ever before.

The Skimetric Athletic Health and Fitness assessment is a reality from January onwards. It is conducted by Skimetric advisor and Austria Ski team Medico Dr. Ch. Hoser of Sportsclinic Austria. It will be even more detailed then for the top ski racers and also offers medically based personalised Training plans for the committed.

I also worked with three young Australian ski racers (15 to 17) as they were recommended by their coach or parents. At the recent Australian Interschool Championships (biggest alpine ski event in Australia) both boys James and Sam came first and second outright and the girl Claudia 15 also came second. She is the first Queenslander ever on the podium at the Australian Interschool Championships.

It was most exciting to be asked to come to New Zealand to do skimetric programs for some of the fastest World cup racers. It was a buzz, a challenge and I was nervous to do the work. However it all worked out well and there will be definitely World cup wins with skimetric setups this season. Will keep you informed. Keep an eye on a young Austrian by the name of Marcel Mathis who originally travelled to Zürs with his dad for a skimetric assessment. A few days after we finished the program in New Zealand he came second at the International FIS Race in Coronet Peak by nine hundreds of a second. It was Marcel best result ever and he lowered his FIS points from 14 to 7.

In summary the year has been a dream run and I see good old fashion hard work, innovation and the fire of enthusiasm by the skimetric advisers and the skiers we work with as the key components for progress.

Thank you for your time and interest to read about Skimetric

Alberto of Skimetric…

St Anton Update 2009

After a slow start in St Anton and the usual get going problems, Skimetric in the second half of the season was getting busier by the week. The last four weeks were the busiest of the season which went to the last week of April. Again 99% of clients came recommended from past clients and there were lots of interesting cases. One such example is mentioned below. Dr. C. Wijnkamp-Becker is the medico who is in the helicopter for emergency mountain rescue. If your German is not so good, in short she says that: “My knocked knee position stopped me from carving well on the ski edges and gave constant pain on the medial side of both knees where the ligaments connect to the bone”. Since the day of Skimetric 22/1/09 allowed me a new dimension of skiing with good balance, power transition and consequent optimum edge grip as well as no more knee pain. ”Cornelia further commented that she uses now the entire body dynamic for skiing, is using less strength, skis better and believes that Skimetric would potentially help to reduce injuries from skiing.

Thanks to a recommendation from Australia the Doctor from the Austrian ski team came to St Anton between his morning visit in the Innsbruck Hospital and operating in the afternoon. It was great fun to ski and work with him and even so his boots were too big and there was not enough time to make a foot bed he was skiing better after the adjustments. The St Anton Ski School Director, who is also the head of the Austrian Ski Instruction Federation, arranged that Skimetric could do presentations to approx ½ of the 450 instructors. This resulted in some instructors doing the program including the chief instructor and several customer recommendations. One of the young instructors who was completing the final year of becoming a fully qualified Austrian Ski Instructor commented to the Head of the Austrian Ski Academy St.Christoph how much Skimetric had helped him and Skimetric consequently was invited for a one hour presentation to Instructors and Trainers at the Austrian Ski Academy which resulted in another 6 instructors doing a skimetric program with positive success.

Other Skimetric graduates included

  • My previous bosses from Head/Tyrolia, Wintersteiger and Carrera.
  • Australian ski racer, who eventually competed at this years Ski World Championship in France
  • A very fit Spanish lady who works with Formula 1 marketing and skis “Formula 1 Speed”
  • The wife of the Ski School Director, opinion leader in fashion and good skiing
  • The owner of St Anton Reload Sports Massage who recommended skimetric in her studio
  • The presenter of Arlberg TV who skis and looks very fast
  • A South African lady who after one week of trying to get her new boots to fit came back for another holiday to St Anton to do the skimetric program and left very happy
  • The husband of Dr Wijnkamp-Becker where we did apart from the ski boot also the mountaineering boot
  • The German business man and professional speaker who was so happy that he wanted to have a Skimetric setup in his regular business shoes in order to have the same positive stance and powerful posture in front of his audience
  • The Australian lady whose parents were guests on my European ski tour in the mid 70s
  • The 145kg New York man who was struggling on the beginners slopes after he was an ok skier 20 years ago; we build a custom boot from the ground up and he skied so well that we wanted to enter him into the weekly instructor demonstrations
  • The 82 year old baron from Argentina who will now continue to keep skiing and coming back to the Arlberg
  • The Libyan oil man who can now turn left as well as right
  • The Zuers ski instructor who I met for the first time at the Austrian Ski Instructor Race when I was 19
  • The German couple who are both medical doctors who were so impressed with their improvements that they have requested a Skimetric presentation at a medical conference they are bringing to St Anton in January next year
  • The Lech ski instructor with Asian background who has such strong bow-legs that his skiing capabilities were limited but completed the fully certified Austrian Ski Instructor examinations this year
  • The Zuers Hotel owner who did the program and requested a Skimetric presentation for his guests which resulted in several bookings
  • The President of Ski Austria, who is the world’s fastest over 60 year old ski racer whos comments and suggestions were greatly appreciated.

Most importantly I could learn more in my field of work and believe to have improved my skiing by” practising what I preach”. On the way forward I had the opportunity to use some revolutionary new ski designs and worked on some skimetric products for the future. The compression underwear made of Merino Wool will be available this season as well as the first of the Skimetric custom built black series skis. Hope you are coming to ski to the top of Mt.Hotham/Australia this season or to the beautiful Arlberg (St.Anton/Zuers/Lech)in Austria coming winter. Both places offer Skimetric.

Hallo Adalbert, ich möchte mich bei Dir für eine intensive und wunderschöne Skisaison bedanken. Bis zum 22.1.2009 war mein Skifahren von meiner x-Bein-Stellung und zwei grossen Problemen gekennzeichnet: 1. sauber auf meinen skikanten zu carven; 2. massiv gereizte Sehnenansätze beidseits an meinen Knieinnenseiten. Durch die Schuhkorrektur und Dein Skimetric-Coaching, um die verbesserte Physis auch in ein ausgewogenes Bewegungsmuster beim Skifahren umzusetzen, hat sich für mich ab dem 22.1.2009 eine völlig neue Skidimension eröffnet bei mittlerweile komplett abgeklungener Sehnenreizung an den Knieinnenseiten. Durch das Skimetric-Programm wird die physische Power der Körpergesamtheit, was nicht gleichzusetzen ist mit „grober Kraft“, optimal genutzt, um sie mit den Bewegungsmustern des Skifahrens zusammenfliessen zu lassen. Ich bin überzeugt, dass Skimetric somit nicht nur zu einer Verbesserung des individuellen Skifahrerischen-Könnens führt, sonderen auch eine optimale Verletzungsprophylaxe für den skisport darstellt.Viele Grüsse Cornelia Becker Fachärztin Anästhesiologie, Notfallmedizin, Moutain Medicine.

Lieber Herr Leibetseder. „Gut Ding braucht Weil“ ! Sind seit paar Tagen wieder in Buenos Aires gelandet. Da habe ich etwas mehr Zeit, um mein Versprechen Ihnen gegenueber einzuloesen.Dass ich dieses Jahr den Aufenthalt am Arlberg des schlechten Wetters wegen nicht so geniessen konnte wie gewohnt, muss ich Ihnen ja nicht berichten, da Sie ja auch da waren. Ich bin aber sehr froh, Ihre „Skimetric-Behandluing“ gut ueberstanden zu haben, das Resultat geniessen zu koennen und freu mich schon auf den kommenden Maerz, wo ich beabsichtige, wieder die Steilhaenge „unsicher“ zu machen und, dafuer selbst, sicherer und leichter fahren zu koennen. Die Schuhe wurden durch Ihren „Eingriff“ fuer meine Fuesse noch besser als ich sie vorher verspuerte. Also dann bis auf 2010 !.Und hier, auf der suedlichen Erdhalbkugel, ist nun auch Winter und freue ich mich schon, im August, nach meinem 83. Geburtstag, in „Las Lenias“ und im September in San Carlos de Bariloche wieder auf den „Brettln“ stehen zu koennen. Allerdings mit meinen hiesigen Schieschuhen, die Sie noch nicht verbessern konnten. Ich wuensche Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg in Ihrer Arbeit und verabschiede mich mit einem „Schie Heil“, Ihr Llewellyn Kast, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

To find out more details about how you can experience the “Rolls Royce” treatment of Bert’s incredible Skimetric process. Contact us at

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