The Revolutionary Skimetric Process

(Definition of Metric – Skimetric – Standards of measurement by which efficiency, performance or quality of a process or product can be assessed).

Skimetric is a unique, world leading process to improve the symbiotic relationship between a skier’s physiology and their equipment. This process developed by Adalbert Leibetseder with the help of eight leading specialist in related fields, is highly detailed, highly structured and highly customised to meet the specific needs of each client. It produces extraordinary results and is based on years of experience and rigorous testing and measuring.

All of his life Bert Leibetseder has had an obsession with excellence. As a champion skier and product trainer in his own ski equipment distribution business (see below) he has spent a lifetime perfecting not only his skiing but also his equipment and the equipment of such well known companies such as Carrera.

Bert realised that no-matter how good a skier you were, if your equipment did not work in harmony with your physiology the outcome was going to be below standard every time. Bert knew that many skiers were receiving less than adequate or incorrect advice, the wrong equipment and worse, poor fitting of boots and skis leading to pain, increased fatigue in skiers and possibly an increased potential for injury.

Skimetric’s commitment is to continue researching and developing the optimum technology for skiers so that they will achieve outstanding results every time. We will continue to provide a level of personal service and solutions to each individual skier that is unmatched in the industry. Our goal is to help you achieve your unique skiing goal.

How The Process Works

Here is an overview of Bert’s process. The fine details of the Skimetric process must remain confidential as many of the elements used by Bert to achieve his remarkable results have been fine tuned over many years of research, trial and error.

This extraordinary attention to detail, both in terms of customer service and in terms of technical service needs to be experienced in person. Some of Bert’s tools, techniques and strategies are secret and we are sure you will understand the reasons behind that.

The Skimetric process is so thorough, so radical, so detailed and achieves such extraordinary results that Skimetric has begun to attract customers like two time Olympian Jono Bauer, one of the best Australian ski racers of his generation. Skimetric also attracts skiers of all skills levels from around the world who simply want to experience a seismic improvement in their comfort, skiing performance and endurance.

Today the client list includes the worlds fasted ski racers including existing and ex- World Champions who have between them 58 World and Olympic medals (by 2015), some of the most successful business people in the world who are globally renowned figures at some of the worlds most successful companies, extreme skiers at the top of their demanding profession and celebrities from around the globe.

We have also had tremendous success working with People with serious foot and leg injuries from accidents who can ski again and improvements to Individuals with Parkinson’s and Mitochondrial disease.

What Does The Skimetric Client Experience?

Firstly Bert will do a preliminary assessment to determine if and how Skimetric can benefit you as well as what level of work is required.

Initially Bert will follow you on the slopes with a video camera, filming you from all angles before returning to his premises. After watching your video and explaining your areas of strength and weakness he explains where some of your challenges lie in easy to understand terms, often using models of joints so that you know exactly what is happening to your physiology as you ski.

Skimetric technology is based on precision, integrity and positive results without compromise.

The process provides a level of dynamic balance/equilibrium and a skiing experience with Bert’s personal touch that cannot be duplicated. The reason this cannot be duplicated is that Bert leverages a high calibre international Skimetric advisory panel (click here).

This team of renowned experts IS UNIQUE and they provide hands on practical experience in all aspects of the sport. Bert “practises what he preaches” and this has ensured that this process has been developed, refined and honed over many years.

Bert then begins a series of intricate measurements to build a three dimensional picture of your foot. This process is a skill in itself and goes way beyond a“measurement” process common at this present time.

Certain machines, instruments and tools are custom built for the purpose (Skimetric precision Instruments) and in the hands of an expert like Bert they help to create incredible results.

This exacting process has one simple outcome: To create the perfect relationship between the skier and his equipment so that each individual skier’s equipment works in perfect harmony with their unique physiology.

From this point onwards often a new interior for the boot is constructed as well as a Skimetric foot bed and numerous other related equipment improvements are made. Each and every change is designed to work perfectly with your whole body and to enhance your skiing. Often Bert will take you back out on the slopes, watch you ski again and if necessary take your boots off and fine tune them again until he believes he has achieved the optimum outcome for you.

The final stages of the process often include re-training to ski in the new set up. Old bad habits and old bad muscle memory is overcome in only a short period of time as the body realises that the correct skeletal position has been achieved (often for the first time ever for some skiers). This allows the Skimetric graduate to ski better than they ever have before with a set up and position that absorbs the forces of skiing efficently.

The difference is quite staggering and to read more about what previous Skimetric Customers (Graduates) have experienced just click on this link here

Here are just two photographs of a lady skier, note the massive improvement in stance and leg shape achieved during the Skimetric process:

Before After

Skimetric In The Press

Skimetric continues to win friends and praise primarily due to word of mouth. Skimetric customers have been so impressed that they have naturally talked to friends and other ski enthusiasts and each and every season the business has grown.

Here is just a small sample of articles that have appeared in the press either about Skimetric or articles that Bert has contributed to himself.

Australian Financial Review

Skimetric boot fitter Bert Leibetseder holds the secret to being a better skier written by Pip Coates… Read full article here…

Bert Leibetseder Ski Metric Pip Coates Australian Financial Review

Signature Luxury Travel and Style

Salvation in a boot written by Hilary Doling

Skimetric Bert Leibetseder Signature Luxury Travel and Style

This Article Appeared in the May 2010 Issue of Great Health:

Lowdy Brabyn Article.

Adalbert Leibetseder is a passionate man. An extreme perfectionist by nature, he is fascinated (you might even say obsessed) by the desire to transform every skier who walks through his door into a skier who can perform at the absolute peak of their ability.

The problem, he believes, is that each one of us has a unique body alignment which means that we all stand differently on ski equipment that is mass produced.  The solution, he says, is “to bring ground zero up to the level of the sole of the foot”.

Travelplan director Toby Withers completed the Skimetric programme at Mount Hotham this month.

Skimetric_tobyAdalbert’s method is threefold.  Firstly, he analyses our natural stance and balance on each foot, and our current skiing style.  Toby stood in a variety of positions, on both feet and then on each in turn whilst Bert took notes.  Then they went outside and skied one run together.  Bert watched Toby from every angle and recorded his turns on video.

Secondly, he counters any anomalies (and most of us have them!) in our alignment using supportive remedial aspects and ski-specific custom footbeds so that every one of us stands on our skis with the same perfect alignment.  He guarantees this to within 1/10 of a degree.  Toby’s right foot was 2.5% pronated and his left foot 5%.  After Bert had finished creating individual platforms for each of Toby’s feet, Toby felt unstable in his new position on his skis.

Skimetric_toby2Finally, and crucially, Bert then shows us how to ski again.  Our muscle memories have spent as long as we have skied compensating for our structural imperfections and Bert takes time to help retrain our confused muscles to the newly adjusted position in which we no longer need to make unnecessary movements to compensate for our natural misalignment.

Toby is an expert skier, but for the first few turns he looked like a beginner.  That didn’t last long though.  Pretty quickly, his muscles adjusted to the new set-up and realised that they actually had a far easier job now that the correct skeletal position was going to absorb the forces of skiing for them!

Skimetric_bert2I used to be able to carve as fast as Toby.  Now I can’t.  The Skimetric programme has bumped him up to another level: he actually now looks like a professional ski racer…

…and I am booked in for the Skimetric treatment at Mount Hotham in a month’s time.

Often it is something very tiny which prevents us from being the best we can be.  An ever-so-slight pronation of one foot for example, which weakens the left hand turn. But in Bert’s hands, these kinks can be ironed out; and the results are dramatic, whatever your level of skiing.  Bert’s own skiing style is flawless, making him a compelling advert for his own programme.  Over the last 40 years he has clocked up a stunning array of racing wins and instructing awards in his native Austria, the USA and Australia.

Photos and article courtesy of Lowdy Brabyn

Why You Are in Safe Hands

Well known as an expert skier, Bert Leibetseder was previously Northern Austrian Ski Instructor Champion, Masters Ski Champion of America, member of the 1989 & 1990 “Australia Two” team to win the world’s longest giant slalom ski race at Whistler Mountain, Canada and a forerunner at the first World Cup races held in Thredbo, Australia and Mt. Hutt, New Zealand. Silver medal winner at the 2002 Masters Powder 8 Ski World Championships.

Bert holds a hon.PhD in sports technology has a successful ski business background and is widely recognized as an expert in the field of winter sports. He also conducted market surveys for Carrera International in Japan and China and set up the distribution in New Zealand and Argentina.

The Carrera Ultrasight ski goggle lens concept was voted in 1989 best new product at the Australian Ski Awards, is being exhibited at the Sydney Powerhouse Museums database of Australian inventions and is featured in the book Tomorrows World – The Australian Initiative.

Technical/ Professional Career of Adalbert (Bert) Leibetseder

  • 1972 began his career as ski instructor and trainer in Austria, USA and Australia.
  • 1978 Started to develop the Carrera business in Australia to market leadership in Sports eyewear.
  • 1985 Developed the Ultrasight ski goggle lens concept, demonstration unit and marketing concept for Ultrasight to consequent release to the market worldwide. Also in 1985, he prepared and implemented the “I – C.A.R.E.” Staff Training Program.
  • 1986 Founded the Australian Masters Alpine Tour Company and the Australian Masters Alpine Ski Championships.
  • 1986 – 1987 Director of Ski Industries Association of Australia, 1987-1990 Vice President.
  • 1987 – 1998 General Assistant to instructor at Dale Carnegie courses for personal and professional Development.
  • 1990 Launched Carrera News/ Snow Action magazine which became the leading ski publication in Australia.
  • 1993 Established a Division of Rosbert to separately market and distribute the Head/Tyrolia winter sport products, Toko and Wintersteiger ski repair Machines in Australia.
  • 1993 Presented the paper – “To see well is to ski better” – at the world congress for skiing safety in Zell/See, Austria.
  • 1996 Introduced ceramic diamond disc edge tuning for high quality ski preparation and Thermobag heat treatment for ski bases to Australia
  • 2000 Started Masterfit University Bootfitting and stance alignment program in Australia which became the bench mark of Bio-mechanically correct ski bootfitting.
  • 2002 Introduced Skier’s Edge Ski Fitness equipment to the Australian market.
  • 2006 Completed the scientifically based Skimetric concept, a physically, biomechanically and medically based analytical performance program for skiers and snow sports athletes.
  • 2009 Presented the Skimetric concept at the birthplace of the Austrian Ski School, The Austrian Skiacademy Bundessportheim, St Christoph/ Arlberg.
  • 2011 Organised the first international Skimetric Symposium in Zuers/Austria which included presentations from 6 of the most thought after Industry Experts.
  • 2016 Inducted into the Australian Snowsports Hall of Fame
  • Currently he is a member of the Australian Sports Medicine Federation, the Centre for Independent Studies and served for two years as a committee member for the Standards Association of Australia to establish the mandatory Australian Sunglass Standard.

Sport Career of Adalbert (Bert) Leibetseder

International grade representative for Austria in skiing and soccer

Soccer junior national team

Northern Austrian Ski Instructor Champion

Co-ordinator of the Australia One and Two teams to enter world’s longest giant slalom ski race.

Eight times winner of the Mt Stillwell Downhill, Australia.

  • 1985 Giant Slalom Winner Shiga Kogen, Japan.
  • 1986 World’s longest Giant Slalom Ski Race, Whistler Mountain – 6th.
  • 1987 Bronze Medal Winner American Masters Ski Championships, Mammoth Mountain, California.
  • 1987 Gold Medal Winner Canadian Masters Championship Giant Slalom Whistler Mountain, Canada.
  • 1988 8th outright, World’s longest Giant Slalom Whistler Mountain, Canada.
  • 1988 American Masters Ski Champion, Big Sky, Montana USA.
  • 1989 World’s longest Giant Slalom Ski Race, Whistler Mountain, Canada – 3rd outright. Member of the winning team.
  • 1989 World Cup Forerunner, Giant Slalom and Slalom, Thredbo Australia.
  • 1990 World Cup Forerunner, Giant Slalom and Slalom, Mt Hutt, New Zealand.
  • 1991 6th combined, Masters World Championship, Winter Park, USA.
  • 1992 Represented Australia at the Powder 8 Ski World Championship, Canada, 12th place.
  • 1992 – 1998 Five times winner “Thredbo Top to Bottom” Race Masters Class, Thredbo, Australia.
  • 1997 Winner Japan-Australian Goodwill Businessman Race, Mt Buller, Australia.
  • 1999 International Masters Championships Vail Colorado – 2nd Super G and 3rd Giant Slalom.
  • 2000 Winner Thredbo “Top to Bottom” Race Masters Class Thredbo Australia.
  • 2002 Silbermedal winner at the Masters Powder 8 Ski World Championship
  • Recent NASTAR (US national standard) Handicaps 3 to 8
  • 1995-2005 Developed the Head junior race team which won the most junior races in Australia
  • 2009 St.Anton Ski instructor championship, Class winner
  • 2011 Skiclub Arlberg championship, Class winner
  • 2012 Der Weisse Ring – world’s longest skirace, Class winner
  • 2014 Skied 122.45 km/h at the Zuers Speedrace and was again Class winner at the Der Weisse Ring in Lech am Arlberg/Austria

Visited and trained in the Austrian ski team training centre (Olympiastuetzpunkt Obertauern) for 5 years and introduced the Worldcup Team to the plyometric Skiers Edge fitness machine.

Skimetric Program Prices:

Skimetric half day (3 hours) Program    Euro 795    A$ 975

Skimetric full day (6 hours) Program     Euro 1475    A$ 1995

The supply of ski equipment which may be required or Lift tickets is not included in the program price. A total cost estimate will be given prior to the commencement of the program.

Subject to confirmed appointments and ski resort operations, the Skimetic progam runs until the end of August in Australia and the end of March in Austria.

To Find Out More About How Skimetric Can Help You Simply Contact Us:

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